Trust & Estate Services

Trust & Estate Services

Personal Trusts

Should you name an individual or financial institution as your trustee? Do you wonder if a trust should be a part of your planning process? Do you wonder if a trust is even right for you?

If any of these questions apply to you, our qualified in-house staff can help you work through them. We work closely with you to ensure that we devise a plan that is suited to your exact needs.

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Trusts come in all varieties and should not be considered one size fits all. There's no cost to sit down with one of our trusted neighborhood professionals and discuss your options. You can find a brief description of our account offerings below. Let us help you establish a plan to secure your future today!

Estate Planning

The last thing you want is to leave your family in an unsettled state. Ensure their security and welfare by partnering with local professionals you can trust. Our staff takes a personal approach when working alongside you to ensure that your estate is bestowed upon your heirs in the manner you see fit.

Estate Settlement

Being named executor of an estate is a big undertaking – leave it to the professionals at The First National Bank! Let our experienced staff handle the duties such as heir notification, preserving & protecting assets, paying final expenses or collecting final incomes, and much more! Best of all, this is all completed while remaining impartial and exactly as instructed by the decedent, or the law in the case of intestacy. Come see us today!

Legacy Fund/Scholarship Fund

Confused on the endless beneficiary options to your estate? Would you like to setup a plan where you call the shots? How about a charitable or scholarship fund? Talk to us about a legacy fund today. Details can be tailored to your specific request and desire. It's your legacy – make it last!

Personal Trust (Living or Testamentary)

Whether simple or complex, your needs are important and we are here to help. If you do not have an estate planning attorney, we can provide reputable recommendations for all documentation needs. Leave your loved ones secure while avoiding the hassle of probate with a personal trust. Living or trust under will (testamentary) options are available and may address any or all portions of the estate.

Personal Agency

As we grow older, everyday tasks may not seem so simple anymore. Let our Trust Department help with a Personal Agency account! You can rest easy with the satisfaction of knowing that your assets will be securely accounted for, income collected, and bills such as utilities, taxes, and insurance are paid in a timely manner. The possibilities are endless – come see us today!

Corporate Trust

For over 20 years, The First National Bank has provided local service and administration as paying agent over municipal bond financing. Our customers include: school districts, fire districts, state and local governments, universities, and water/sewage authorities. We continue to offer these services as evidence of our commitment to strong community involvement.

Land Trust

The straightforward definition: A trustee (our institution) agrees to hold ownership of a piece of property for the benefit of another (beneficiary). The beneficiary maintains full use of the property. The First National bank would only act upon your written direction to do so. Tax bills, land inquiries, and ownership records are shielded by the institutions name to protect the privacy of the beneficiary. These can be as simple as a single-occupancy home or as complex as a multi-state real estate investment. Corporations may wish to do this when compiling multiple tracts of land to avoid arousing suspicion or alerting the public on their future building plans. Another example of a benefit is interests can be easily transferred without recording a deed.

Escrow Agency

The First National Bank Trust Department would serve as a third party custodian of assets for clients entering a contract with another party. The asset's title is kept in safekeeping until the terms of the contract are satisfied. To provide accurate recordkeeping, payments may be deposited to the escrow account. As agent, we would then release the funds to the seller. If default were to occur, both parties would be notified and the matter would be resolved as outlined in the Escrow Agreement. An example of when this type of account is beneficial is a private loan arrangement for a mortgage. Buyers may not qualify for a traditional mortgage, but the sellers would like to make a private arrangement between the two parties while protecting both sides interest.

Other Services

Court Appointed Services-We can also administer court-appointed accounts such as estates, guardianships, and conservatorships.

ILIT- Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust.

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