Trust & Estate Services

Trust & Estate Services

Personal Trusts

Should you name an individual or financial institution as your trustee? Do you wonder if a trust should be a part of your planning process? Do you wonder if a trust is even right for you?

If any of these questions apply to you, our qualified in-house staff can help you work through them. We work closely with you to ensure that we devise a plan that is suited to your exact needs.

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Living trusts can offer many advantages, which include but are not limited to:

  • Professional investment management
  • Protection of your assets
  • Freedom from recordkeeping
  • Collection of interest

Trusts come in all varieties and should not be considered one size fits all. Trusts are most effective when they're customized to your specific needs. That's where we step in and offer sound advice every step of the way. You can always rest easy, knowing that trusted neighborhood professionals are handling your finances throughout the life of your trust.

Estate Planning

The last thing you want is to leave your family in an unsettled state. Ensure your family's security and welfare by partnering with local professionals you can trust. Our staff takes a personal approach when working alongside you to ensure that your estate is bestowed upon your heirs in the manner you see fit.

Tax laws are constantly in fluctuation that could significantly impact the settlement of your estate. We stay abreast of tax law changes, so that your wishes are carried out exactly as stated in your will. We are available as a source of knowledge to you and your family at any time. We can also provide the necessary continuity to handle your estate over an extended period of time. Bottom line, we are here for you in whatever form works best for you.

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